Life at DCT Abu Dhabi

We are a global employer with a global perspective driven by more than 60 nationalities that work to deliver our vision - to enhance Abu Dhabi’s role by offering a unique experience for residents and visitors alike, and to establish the emirate as a leisure and cultural destination.

No two days are alike within our department; employees are encouraged to use creativity, business acumen and passion to reach their objectives to produce innovative and viable solutions for our business of promoting our emirate and preserving our culture.

The Department's employees enjoy a rich variety of employee engagement, development activities and programming as supported by leadership across all sectors. Employees are given opportunities to thrive and grow their careers, which leads to a high retention rate of talent, who wish to contribute to and live the corporate values of the Department.

We are introducing DCT’s brand new

Corporate Vision, Mission, and Values.

Together, they embody the essence of DCT Abu Dhabi,

Articulating who we are and what we do.

Uniting us all under one shared vision, they will set us on a path towards even greater future success.

Our VISION is to welcome the world to Abu Dhabi, connecting cultures and inspiring generations to embark on journeys of creativity and discovery

Our MISSION is to drive the sustainable growth of Abu Dhabi’s culture and tourism sectors by creating a diverse ecosystem that preserves, promotes and embodies the emirate’s heritage, innovative spirit and
unparalleled hospitality.

Our four main organisational values are:

  • Welcoming
    Mirroring the values of Abu Dhabi, we are a tolerant, inclusive and diverse organisation that fosters a culture that is hospitable, transparent and open to new ideas.
  • Pioneering
    Empowered to experiment with new ideas and to challenge the status quo, we make ambitious decisions with confidence, giving us the freedom to be first.
  • Agile
    We are nimble, flexible and innovative in our response to the needs of our organisation, our partners and the wider community.
  • Collaborative
    We foster an ecosystem that supports and connects our people, our partners and our community - locally and internationally - by enabling them with the right tools and resources to deliver their very best.