Career Development Programme

Implementing a career development system and culture within DCT Abu Dhabi will encourage all employees to be more engaged and productive in work demands and delivery. The preparation that comes from having set career development plans, will equip all DCT Abu Dhabi employees to benchmark their skills, anticipate upcoming skill demands, and commit to continuous learning and development. 

Benefits of Career Development Plan

●   Employees will be able to identify and set career goals in a structured automated system

●   Career Development Plans help employees identify core competencies, technical skills and learning needs to support ongoing career development.

●   Employees will be able to clearly see and track career progress through the set plan.

●   Career coaching is integral for a career plan to “live” and see tangible results based on action and implementation.

The Main Differentiating Factors of Career Development

●   The regular support and career counselling that employees receive from the Talent Development department.

●   The approach to applying the 70:20:10 rule on all career plans to build a high-performance workforce. The formula proposes that on average 70% of a person's learning at work is experience-based, 20% comes from interacting with fellow employees and 10% is the result of formal training.

●   The introduction of required specialised training required as per target audience.