Given the huge amount of content produced every day, the number of complex projects launched and the incredible levels of expertise available, DCT Abu Dhabi possesses unique intellectual capital. But how much of it can be accessed? How much do we know about the hidden talents producing the work? How can we learn from the experience of others?

So what are we doing about it?
The People & Performance department designed a knowledge-sharing platform called ‘DCTFLOW’. The ultimate aim of this platform is to help foster an open and trusting environment, where everyone at  DCT Abu Dhabi has an equal opportunity to show their work. The platform is a space for you to SHARE, COLLABORATE and LEARN. It includes simple tools to help document, narrate, and describe what we really do and how we do it.

Using the Platform
The tools developed for DCTFLOW can grow organically to contribute to the growth of DCT Abu Dhabi and its professionals. So HAPPY SHARING!

Blogs & Vlogs

To help you develop your brand, showcase your expertise and reflect on your work by writing a short narrative in text or via video of your work and thoughts around it. Your blog, or vlog, can also generate new knowledge for DCT Abu Dhabi, as well as local and international stakeholders.

The content of a blog typically includes text, pictures, videos, animated GIFs and even scans of archive materials.

Podcasts – Live from Studio 9

The purpose of a podcast is to enrich the existing portfolio of DCT Abu Dhabi’s cultural platform by exploring relevant topics, themes, ideas and trends relevant to DCT’s Abu Dhabi’s core business. It will also include a series on highlighting the unique story of some of DCT Abu Dhabi’s talent; as well as an opportunity to capture how colleagues view life in Abu Dhabi.

Short, informal recorded conversations in English or Arabic recorded in DCT Abu Dhabi’s Cloud 9 Studio.

Speed Sharing

Borrowed from the world of networking, this moderated, fast-paced activity is designed to help new and existing employees connect with each other in an informal setting - regardless of their location, scope of work and grade. The aim of the sessions is to have all group members connect.

Selected group of 20-30 will be paired off for a period of 2 minutes to answer three central questions, then rotate to new partners with their original questions.

DCT Talks

A series of informal sessions highlighting recent trends and advances in the field of culture, tourism and libraries delivered by DCT Abu Dhabi experts and guest speakers. The sessions would also feature employees sharing new skills acquired during training, from a conference or from other professional development activities that others can benefit from.

● Moderated, informal hour-long sessions
● Takes place twice a month
● In English or Arabic
● Can include PowerPoint presentations, videos, or any other presenting material